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Cost: $10.00  (cash)






400-600 SINGLES 


2 DJ's | 2 CASH BARS  





7-11 PM




7-11 PM




7-11 PM




400-600 SINGLES 


2 DJ's | 2 CASH BARS  





7-11 PM




7-11 PM




7-11 PM




7-11 PM

Join us as we host one electrifying event after another.




  • (cash bar courtesy Lincoln Country Club)



  • $10.00 Per Person  (cash only)

Hosted At:

Lincoln Country Club

3485 Lake Michigan Drive NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49534

At Rivertown Singles LLC we're passionate about making events that are fun, and thanks to all the support and feedback from guests like you... we're a hit!  Feel free to tell us what you think, including things that are cool, music requests, new idea's, etc.  Contact us at:  Thanks! 

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The magic of Rivertown Singles would not exist...   

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 'After a long 6 days of work in a week, I love ending my week at the dance. I love meeting new people and I love Love to dance. I always look forward to the next one.' Dulce


Fun time and good music again.' Eric


Very nice.... always fun.' Karla


great night of dancing and fun. Barb, thanks for hosting - venue, music, prizes, and food were all terrific. Looking forward to next event.' Karen


Had a very nice time and got in a lot of dancing! Met some more people as there were some new faces. Thanks a lot Barb. Great turnout.' Jody H


Fun be had by all!! It was such a fun night.' Bryan 


 'Last Sunday 's Dance with Barb was absolutely fun...!!!' Gerry J.


 'Me and my friend at the dance sunday night. We had a blast. I hope to be able to go sunday again. Who wants to go? Fun fun.'


 'Had a wonderful time! Good job Barb and Rivertown Single' Jody H.


 'I had a lot of fun at my first and my friend had a great time dancing.' Eric


'Hi Barb, Just a quick thank you for all your efforts which went into making a nice event last night! Also, this "thank you" wouldn't be complete without heaping kudos on your nice family member(neice I think) who spent the evening at the welcome table...smiling the entire time!' Judd S


 'Hi Barb, I had a wonderful time at the dance last night, thank you ...and you looked gorgeous.' Denise M.


 'I had a great time!' Carol


 'I went last night, first time dancing in about 2 years (except for my son's wedding) and it was a blast!! Thanks Charles, Bob, Ben, and Jim for the great dances with you!!'  Eileen


 'Way thanks. I hope to get up there again soon  And thanks for playing my requests!!! I appreciate that!!' Bryan


 'Had a great time dancing and meeting new people!
I'll come again!'


 'Had a blast! Thank you!!' Katrina


  'Barb you do such a nice job. hosting these..Thank you.'  June


'Thanks Barb, for all your hard work to give us something fun on Sunday nights!  ;-)'  Mark


 'I Love this Place & Barb!'


'Another fun Sunday night, thanks Barb ;-) '  Mark


 'I had so much fun! Lots of people and lots of smiling faces.'  Maggie M.


 'Thanks Barb - it was a pleasure meeting you as well. This event is nicely organized. I met a lot if nice people. Thanks for organizing this event.'  Maggie M.


 'I had a good time as I got in plenty of dancing. It was nice to see such a big crowd in attendance. Thanks Barb!'  Jody H.


  'Awesome time. Great turn out. Fun was had by all. :)'  Ronda L.


  'Always a fun time. Great crowd.'  Karla B.


 'Had a great time ;-)'  Mark


  'good time'  Rick



  'A fun time , thanks to our host..Barb'  Mark



  'I had such a great time! Can't wait until the next dance.!'  Dawn C.



 'Red laser dots on the floor, blue and purple across the ceiling.Best.....night......ever!!!! Barb, you ROCK'  Terry A.



 'Thanks Barb, I had a nice time, everyone was very nice, I had a good time.'  Lewis W.

________________________  'I had great fun dancing the Sunday night away!'  Patricia


  'Barb, thanks for the great mix of music last night! You are doing a fabulous job and I think word is getting around, no? It was quite a crowd :-)'  Genevieve


  'A totally awesome dance tonight with a lot of new friends great job Barb'  Fred C.

________________________ 'GREAT TIME TONIGHT! Great mix of 80's 90's and now!!!! Loved learning new dance moves with all the great people'  Emily K.

________________________  'Awesome event Barb!!! It was well organized a wide music selecting appropriate for the ..didn't finish...bottom line, good times and great people. Thanks again Barb.'  Matt D.


 'Had a lot of fun, and met nice people.'  Karla B.

________________________ 'Great time!'  Ronda L.


  'It was a Great night of dancing, and lots of new friends!'


'Absolutely awsome as always.  :-) '  Fred C.

________________________ "I had a lot of fun.  More raffles would be nice!  ;-)'  Marjorie

________________________'It was gret that Barb taught the Blue Rose; I've wanted to learn that one for a long time.  Thanks Barb!'  Helen S.

________________________ 'Had a great time; Barb is a greathost!'  Helen S.

________________________ 'Had a blast asusual!'  Helen S.

________________________  'Had a great time; Barb plays a great mix of music.'  Helen

________________________  'Beautiful venue, great music and so many happy dancers. Congratulations Barb, on a successful, well attended dance!'  Mikaila C.


 'Lot's of fun last night. Great people, good party.'  Carol K.


  'It was fun, and I really had a fun time...!!'  Gerry J.


 'Another great night of dancing at Rivertown Singles!  Had a wonderful night with some old friends and some new friends hope we can do it all again next Sunday night! :-) '  Fred C.


'Great'  Rick D.

________________________ 'I had a great time; met more people.'  Helen S.


 'We had another great night of dancing at Rivertown Singles, thanks Barb appreciate all your hard work!'  Fred C.

________________________  'Barb, thanks for organizing all of your activities.  you're the best hostess of all!  I look forward to getting together with the group again soon.'  James H.


 Met a lot of nice wonderful people there at this Rivertown Singles dance, it was an awesome night of dancing!  Wanted to thank our MC host Barb for doing a great job as always!
And to thank everyone who showed up and continues to be a loyal supporter of the Rivertown Singles dance on Sunday night!  And we will be very happy to see all of you again next Sunday same time same place at Boulder Creek golf course! :-)'  Fred C.


 'I had a really good time.'  Helen S.


 'Thank you for creating a avenue for exciting experiences!  Can't wait to Dance.  Ethel M.

________________________ 'You have a nice party ! Like the music you play . And the variety you play,  Cheers!'  Lou


 'Another great dance at the Rivertown Singles!  And we really appreciate everybody who showed up and had a great night!  Thanks again Barb for a wonderful night of dancing!'  Fred C.


'I had a pretty good time and made some new friends.'  Helen S.


 'I had a great time. Will probably start coming again regularly and maybe I can get some of my friends to join me.'  Jayne

________________________ 'Thanks Barb!  It was fun!'  Kathleen J.


 'Barb - you always do a great job - thanks'  Jean B.



 'Yes, it was a great time! Met some really nice people. Thank you, Barb!'  Kathleen J.


'What a GREAT Singles Dances Tonight,, It was awesome Thanks Barb Great job!'  Fred C.


 'I agree. It was great fun!'  Jan G.


 'Thanks Barb, it was fun.'  Sharon B.


 'It was great fun!!'  Diane F.


 'I heard you were having a dance "every Sunday" in September. Yeah...Huge crowd this past Sunday, what a blast. Caught up with old friends, and made many new ones.'  Carol K.


  'Nice time last night and great music choices thanks Barb.'  John W.


'Sorry I couldn't be there, Gerry said it was a blast. See you next week!'  Tom V.


  'Thank you Barb I had a great time!'  Marrie L.


'Had so much fun, thanks Barb!!!'  Jean B.


'Thanks, Barb. It was a fun time last night.'  Nicole N.


 'Have a lot of fun at the dances. Keep up the good work!'  Linda T.


 'Barb, you do a awesome job and I have always felt welcomed and have danced a lot.. Its all about what you put into it.. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to provide a place for singles to go and have so much fun..'  Susan H.


  'That was such fun!!'  Diane F.


 I think Rivertown Singles is one of the best things to happen for the Grand Rapids single community in a long time . Big thank you Barb !'  Cal S.



________________________ 'Great Time, great crowd!' Charlie H.


'Had a blast .... Nice people ..... Barb is great !!!'

________________________'A great time'  Jean B.



Regarding Our  Rivertown Singles LLC  Best Ball Golf Tourney held on 8/4/13


 "What an AWSOME day!! Barb you really hit a home run with the golf, the prizes, and time bringing a great group together tonight. You are simply the best!"  Terry A.


8/4/13  "It was so much fun...even for those of us who can't golf well."  Linda G.


8/5/13  "Thanks Barb for all your planning~  We had a lot of fun! " Kathy B.


8/5/13  "It was a blast.  I was not a good golfer, but it didn't matter, we were all having a good time, we all were able to contribute, we all had a glorious time.  I hope we can do this again.  Good planning on Barb's part as the host, she out does herself every time, Sensational Barb!"  P.N.

________________________"Really wish I could be there as I had an absolute blast dancing! I will be out of town on the 11th - keep me in mind for the next one!!"


________________________ "  I am looking forward to the next one - your music mixture was terrific and I definately try to overcome my hesitancy to get up with a group and learn new dance steps!  Sylvia S.



A thank you from me to the exciting group of singles that joined us for the dance on the 28th, and their response.  "YOU rocked the house tonight! Each time I think this dance was the most fun yet.... and then the next one happens and I'm even more astonished that thanks to YOU, it was BIGGER, and even MORE FUN. I am so grateful to each of you for spreading the word, and continuing to come, dance, and mingle with old and new friends... What an amazing group. Without a doubt.... Rivertown Singles has the BEST SINGLES!! (Well, alright. I might be just a little bit partial.) You make me do a 'happy dance'!"  Barb E.


 "Ohhhhhh paleeeeze!!!! It's an awesome DJ (who happens to be cute), great music, and a relaxed atmosphere that makes each week bigger and better. The gang can't wait to get out there again!"  Terry A.


  "It was very nice seeing so many smiling and happy faces there tonight! :-)"  Fred C.


 "It was fun. Saw friends from Good News Community, GR Christian Singles, Widowed Persons Service, and made new friends too. I'll be back. Thank you!"  Jan G.


 "It is so nice to be able to get out with friends and dance . Boulder Creek is a great place ."  Cal S.


"It was a awesome time, the host was very well organized, a good mix of music. We were rocking all night long. I don't know how the host can create so much fun every time, but she does, every time the doors are open. I tell my friends about all the fun they missed, and they cry to me about not being there, no more excuses guys, make sure you are there next time, guaranteed to be a fun time."  Patrick N.


 "Your music was great maybe I'll get brave enough to learn some line dances sometime!"  Sylvia S.


  "Barb, it was a great dance!  I think everybody had fun, good choice of music.  Everybody was commenting on the songs."  Ron K.

________________________"Great Time.  Great mix of music, lots of singles, dance floor was packed, what more could you ask for.  The host really knows how to put on a good time.  Everyeone was happy, singing, dancing, line dancing, all kinds of fun."

________________________ "Great time, fun filled dancers!"  Yewster H.

________________________ "It was a really good time last night, at the rate that the crowd is growing you might need to double the size of the dance floor.  Patrick N.

________________________ "Fantastic time by all."  Charlie H.

________________________  "Had a ball as always. Thanks for the fun night!"  Linda G.

________________________ "Great time.. love the dance lesson.  looking forward to the next time"  Susan H.

________________________  "Another great night! Thanks for teaching us a new dance.  :-) "  Terry A.

________________________ "Hi Barb!  Please place  me on the mailing list.  I had a wonderful time last night at Rivertown Singles.  :)"  Ron W.

________________________ "I LOVED meeting Barb.  :)"  Ron W.

________________________  "Amazing turnout of singles. I had a blast! Great staff!"



7/8/13  "sounds like fun - have another one when I'm back from vacation!"  Sylvia S.



7/1/13  "Can't wait. Always have a good time at these dances."  Ron G.



6/23/13  "What a GREAT evening, filled with fun music, and fun singles.  I can't wait for the next dance.  Wish it was every Sunday instead of just the 2nd and 4th Sunday."



6/23/13    "It was a lot of fun!  Lots of friendly people.  The host gets you involved.  I was very impressed by everything."  Patrick N                         _______________________________


6/9/13   "Thanks for another great night of dancing!!!  We laughed and talked about the fun we had all the way home. You rock!"  Terry A.



​5/26/13   "Sure had a fun time.  Thanks to you for having the dance."  Duane S.  _______________________________


 4/17/13   "Awsome time people come out and have some fun with other fun people..  I won't be there on the 28th due to my graduation but you can bet I will be at the next one..  Yee-ha"  Jane L.



4/15/13  "Thanks Barb, had a great time tonight."  Fred C.



3/25/13   "Had a great time, looking forward to the next one! "  Terry A.  



2/11/13  "It was really fun. Barb did great job and was a blast to dance with!"  Yeidel W.

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